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Monday, January 10, 2005

This Winter.... Posted by Hello


Anonymous Venkatesh said...

Well, I found that this was without a comment. So, thought I would comment.

I would repeat that the world is indeed very small. I never expected that I would encounter you through a common language like photography who got introduced through a common friend.

Coming to the comments on the picture. I would say..

Winter is here.. (I really wish it was here.... during this time of indiscriminate harsh summer of Bangalore). I heard that its unusually hot because of some atmospheric changes.. Nevertheless, I hope to see this kind of winter in the coming days but not without some really good monsoon.

Other than that the picture really signifies the winter in the urbanised world. At least with the infamous Auto Rickshaw.

Sudu, I really wonder what made you take this picture at that hour. You really are photography freak.. like we all are.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous All said...


man! I love being in the fog ... nice ...

photowise- the upperhalf is empty with nothing to offer, could have zoomed in on the road n auto ...
Kishore | Homepage | 01.11.05 - 8:05 am | #


yeah there is something very enticing about this picture, but composition wise Kishore is right... I might have zoomed in more... still I like the feeling this imparts.
jessica | Homepage | 01.11.05 - 8:34 am | #


Kishore and Jess: Thanks for your comments...I thought about zooming in on the auto but that would have spoiled the curve of the road and I thought that the emptiness on the top half would give the feeling of a cold winter morning....
Sudarshan | Homepage | 01.12.05 - 12:18 am | #


hmm,i love the feeling of being there and same q,where is it from
neelima | Homepage | 01.12.05 - 12:09 pm | #


Thanks Neels. This is Bangalore - Mysore highway.
Sudarshan | Homepage | 01.12.05 - 11:35 pm | #

4:40 AM  

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