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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Courage under fire

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One country one god
one caste, one mind
Brothers all of us
without difference
without doubt

this slogan coined by Veer Savarkar on Indian festivals became a unifying factor for all Indian students during the struggle for independence. The man who brought out authentic information regarding what the British termed as the Sipoy mutiny, which is now famous as the First war of Indian Independence, the man who made this book reach thousands of people world wide, the man who spent sixteen years in the cellular jail at Andaman for provocative speeches and sedition, is now being branded as a coward by a silly politician to please his leader!

Are we forced to brand our freedom fighters based on which political party that is backing them. Is this why they gave up their lives, spent horrendous time in jails fighting for our future ? Is this the way we have to pay tribute to all their sacrifices?
Ok, you might have a choice of Congress, BJP, Janta party etc., but do we have to necessarily accept the party’s stance and force ourselves to brand our heroes based on the stance taken by these parties for their own political gains? All these political parties have an agenda and they stoop to any means to appease the clan that is backing them..but why adopt the stance that these partymen take? As Indians, it is our duty to independently oppose any person who bring disregard to our freedom fighters.
Don’t get me wrong and brand me a saffronist. As a responsible citizen of India I condemn those who bring disrespect to the people who sacrificed their lives in attaining freedom to the nation. Be it the despicable remarks of Mani Shanker Iyer on Savarkar, be it the silence of Sonia Gandhi when her irresponsible minister creates tantrum, or the stance of the BJP which doesn’t consider Gandhi as the father of the nation or whenever it tries to glorify Nathoram Godse.
Get this straight, you wont be branded as a saffronist if you protest the Congress’ stand on Savarker or as a congressite if you protest the BJP trying to gain political mileage out of this, but I strongly advocate that it the duty of every Indian to protest independently whenever our heroes are brought under fire.

signing off with

“down down Mani Shanker Aiyer
down down Sonia Gandhi”

photo and slogan courtesy: www.kamat.com/kalranga/itihas/vds.htm


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